Kosher catering in Madrid

For more than 8 years ago, KDeluxe has been delivering kosher, vegan and vegetarian trays to individuals, businesses and hotels in Madrid.

We prepare meals daily, always keeping in mind the needs of the consumer: breakfast, lunch, dinner, Shabat, coffee breaks and cocktails. Our trays are plentiful, tasty, made with fresh products of the highest-quality and… delivered right on time!

The menus are suitable to be consumed at room temperature. Each tray comes with all the necessary disposables.

For a minimum of 10 people, we can propose special menus adapted to our customers particular requests.

With KDeluxe you can fully enjoy your stay in Madrid without worrying about the basics: What and where am I going to eat?

Bon appétit…

All trays are delivered sealed with labels, guaranteeing their origin. All the food we prepare is Kosher Lamehadrin, the meat is Halak Bet Yosef, the breads and cakes are Pat Israel and the dairy products (breakfast) are Halav Israel. Everything is Bishul Israel. We have our own supervision team.

“The most difficult thing in an event is to understand what the client wants in its smallest details. It’s all a matter of attention to the detail… Success truly depends on few things!”

KDeluxe Catering

Since 2003, Easy Kosher Catering provides kosher catering services for any kind of event, weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzva, Brit Mila, birthdays, business services, etc.

Our great experience in organizing luxury programs for the festivities of Pesaj and Sukot, lended us a valuable knowledge of everything that is important when carrying out an event. The first thing is to understand what you need and propose several alternatives.

  • We operate throughout the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal).
  • Apart from our own kitchen team, we work with French pastry chefs, Japanese sushi-men, Italian chefs… as a general rule, depending on your needs, we are able to hire the best professionals in the market!
  • We have collaboration agreements with several hotels in Spain and Portugal.
  • In the last ten years, we have worked for multiple clients of different nationalities and customs. In other words: we understand!
  • We are creative; tell us about what you would like and we will give it shape, from the preparation of the menu to the organization of your event to its smallest detail.
  • We speak your language.
  • We work under strict supervision of Yijud Harabonim (Dayan Yirmiyahu Kohen).